1983 Sharp XC-54 video camera

This is a Sharp XC-54 compact saticon tube colour camera from 1983. Sharp have being making smaller compact cameras and this camera is as small and compact as it gets. This is a nice little hand held camera with a smaller saticon tube and can easily be held like a pistol. This camera works reasonably well giving not bad colour pictures. I once strapped this camera to the head rest of my car seat using it as a car cam and drove around Wollongong recording whatever it picks up on tape, that was a fun experiment.
Below are a couple of video caps from this camera
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Sharp XC-54 camera test
This is a car cam test video I made back in 2003 using my Sharp XC-54 strapped to the passenger seat of my car and filming me driving from home to Wollongong South Beach. Back then my car was a 1994 Hyundai Excel utility.