1976 National WV-3300N video camera

This is a National WV-3300N vidicon tube colour camera from around 1976. For a colour camera made in the mid 1970s, you probably don't find one more portable than this one. This camera is as portable as a 1980s saticon tube camera that connects to a portable VHS VCR. This camera was very nicely designed and very ahead of time with compactness and it's black silver plastic look, I've opened this camera up and I can easily say they certainly knew how to squeeze a fair bit of circuitry in a small space. Anyways this camera also comes with a compact CCU which has the environment light level settings and red and blue colour adjustment. This camera uses a single colour striped vidicon tube. This camera powers up but unfortunately no picture, just a blank screen, so restoration work is needed to get this camera going.
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