1981 National WV-3200N video camera

This is a National WV-3200N vidicon tube colour camera from around 1981. This would probably be the next model after the WV-3030N. I happen to have the commercial for this camera and portable VHS which I transferred from a Philips VCR LP tape, the commercial was advertised by Peter Allen "The boy from Oz". Great camera but unfortunately not operational and like with the other non-working cameras I had to sadly give it away to Cavions due to space problems.
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Recently on Ebay a working National WV-3200N was up for grabs and I won it for $30. I've tested it out and it is working but the pictures are not very good as the colour is tinted green. This camera however didn't come with the viewfinder so I will have to track one down. Anyways nice to a camera of this model back in my collection again.

I have gotten yet another WV-3200N from my local Dapto Markets, it came complete in its original carry case with handle grip and viewfinder. Also with the camera came a National NV-8400 portable VHS recorder, its operational condition is unknown as I don't have the NV-B51-A AC adaptor nor a battery pack to test it. The camera itself is not operational so I decided to use the viewfinder and handle grip on the working WV-3200N I have, so here it is complete.
This is the instruction manual for the NV-B51-A power unit I need to run my NV-8400 VHS recorder
National WV-3200N camera test 1
National WV-3200N camera test 2
Filming the back yard