1980 National WV-3030N video camera

This is a National WV-3030N vidicon tube colour camera from 1980. This would be National/Panasonic's first range of portapak VHS saticon colour cameras to be on the market. This camera wasn't operational so I had to sadly give it up to make space in my room, so I gave it to Cavions. Would of been great if it were operational.
(Vintage Video Home)

I recently won a working National WV-3030N on Ebay and it works pretty good and comes in its original case. The colour tones are not perfect on the reds but the picture still looks pretty decent. Here below are some pictures of the camera and its case and a video feed from it on remote location overlooking the Illawarra.
This is a remote shooting of the Illawarra from my National WV-3030N camera
National WV-3030N camera test