1979/80 National WV-3000N video camera

This is a National WV-3000N vidicon tube colour camera from around 1979/80. This camera is very much like the later WV-3030N but the top cover is silver instead of black. This would have to be the first of National's portable VHS camera range. This camera unfortunately was a casulty of the rough handling of Australia Post and arrived to me with its lens hood broken and I wasn't happy at all. I then powered this camera up to see how good it works, it is definitely outputting video but the picture is totally out of focus beyond recognition, this might of possibly been caused by the rough handling of Australia Post. Anyhow I hope to sometime fix the focus issue and make this camera work good, will need to track down schematics for this model. Anyhow this camera makes a great addition to my collection for my National portapak VHS range! Here below are some pics of this camera.
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I now have another National WV-3000N that's cosmetically in much better shape (no broken lens hood) which I won in an Ebay auction like the last one. I have powered it up and it turns out this camera has the exact same fault as the the other one, there is absolutely no focus whatsoever so whilst the tube is picking up light and I'm getting a video signal out, all I see is blur. I also had this problem with the WV-3030N I use to have many years ago before I discarded it, fortunately my 2nd one works good. So this focus issue must be a common fault among these models of National VHS cameras. I can guess the fault lies within the electrical focus control circuitry so will have to sometime open these cameras up and do some tinkering, will have to track me down a service manual. Anyhow below is a photo of this camera and a YouTube video of when I first powered it up.
Firing up the WV-3000N for the very first time