1980s Sony VO-5850 U-Matic VCRs with low/hi band switch (discarded)

These are Sony VO-5850 U-Matic VCRs from the mid 80s with low/hi band switch. These U-Matics were very popular in the 80s and 90s in the broadcast and advertising field and also in the education and business department. These machines are very much like the standard VO-5850 but have an added feature which is they can play low band and hi band tapes. They are also rack mounted machines. These machines had some mechanical problems and due to space issue I had to give them away, which I gave them to a collector friend in Sydney along with the VO-2630 and a couple of JVC machines and he managed to get them going and is using them to transfer tapes, so it was a blessing giving them to him. Anyhow below is a photo of these two machines.
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