Late 1970s Sony VO-2630 U-Matic VCR (discarded)

This is a Sony VO-2630 U-Matic VCR from the late 1970s. These were common in the late 70s in the professional environment and education/business area and were great machines. It had many features to it which are listed on this page which allowed this machine to be used for be used for a variety of applications.

I had 2 of these VCRs. The first one I won on Ebay back in 2003, the seller sent it to me in a cardboard box without padding and it arrived to me dented in at the cassette cradle, the couriers who handled it must of dropped something heavy on it or stacked a lot of heavy stuff on it. I was so pissed off when it arrived to me broken as I couldn't get it to play a tape as a result. I had to discard this machine a year later due to lack of space and not knowing how to fix it, I gave it to Cavions recycle centre so they could sell it amongst their other old electronics. The second VO-2630 I acquired from one of my collector friends in Sydney was mechanically functioning perfectly, however it gave a noisy video output which was no good for doing high quality video transfers. I kept this machine up until 2009 when I got some good working Sony VO-5800/5850 U-Matics and I gave this machine along with others to another collector friend in Sydney.

Anyhow below is the broken Sony VO-2630:
The VCR as pictured on the Ebay auction before courier transit
The VCR after courier transit, as seen in the video cap the cassette cradle is bent in
Below are more photos of the VO-2630 and closeups of the control panels though not of great quality.
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