My vintage video collection

This page features a number of photos of some of my old videotapes and video machines that I've collected over the years.
1 inch videos: I found 3 of these at Cavions years back, two of them are no longer in my collection.
2 inch quad tape: I found this tape at Cavions a fair few years back, the box was labeled "Mark Kennedy's Band". This tape is no longer in my collection.
Beta tapes: I've been collecting a lot of beta tapes over the years, I have at least 400 of them with recordings dating as early as 1979 to the mid 1990s.
VCR cassettes: My favourite video format, I've been collecting these chunky cassettes since 2002 and have got over 100 of them in my collection. I have them in all 3 formats SP, LP and SVR. The recordings on these tapes date as early as 1975 up to about 1984.
U-Matic cassettes: I've gotten a hold of a number of these videos, most of them were blanks so I gave them away, some had educational recordings so I kept them. I hope to get a hold of more of these tapes with interesting 70s TV stuff.
National video cartridge cassettes: I won this lot on Ebay a little while ago, nice addition to the vintage video collection, all I need now is a video cartridge system like a National NV-5120A.
1/2" EIAJ reel-reel videotapes: I have probably got at least 50 of these tapes with various recordings dating from 1971 to early 80s. Have transferred some of them in which I've found a lot of ABC educational recordings from the late 70s, some school video camera recordings and a few real rarities such as a 1977 Paul Hogan Show, and some home videos from 1971-1973 with some televideo recordings off the TV screen.
Me (when I had short hair) and some of my old video collection proudly on display (29/10/2003).
Left: My shelf of vintage videos (circa 2003) Right: My shelf of vintage videos (2009)
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