Vintage Video recorder newspaper/magazine ads and articles

In 2003I have been going to the Wollongong library looking at microfilms of old Sun Herald newspapers of the 1970s and The Bulletin magazines hoping to find ads and articles on the video recorders they had back then and I've found quite a few good VCR ads particularly of VCR format and Umatic format. Also Terry from New Zealand provided me with a great N1500 article in a 1972 Electronics Australia magazine, I've included it on this page too, thanks Terry. Anyways here they are below:
Philips N1500 (Electronics Australia, December 1972)
AKAI 1/4" V700
(The Sun-Herald
15th June 1975)
Philips N1500 (The Bulletin, 19th July 1975)
Sony U-Matic (17th October 1975)
Video Recorders (16th November 1975)
Philips N1500 (10th March 1976)
Sony U-Matic (The Bulletin, 1st May 1976)
Sony U-Matic (The Bulletin, 12th June 1976)
Sony U-Matic 1976
Sony U-Matic (The Bulletin, 19th July 1976)
Sony U-Matic (The Bulletin, 18th December 1976)
Rank Arena PVC 7301 U-Matic 1977
Grundig VCR (4th June 1977)
Philips N1502 VCR (The Sun Herald, 20th November 1977)
Philips N1502 VCR (The Sun Herald, 20th November 1977)
Philips N1502 VCR (The Sun Herald, 12th March 1978)
Philips N1502 VCR (The Sun Herald, 8th October 1978)
Grundig VCR-4000 (3rd March 1978)
Grundig SVR-4004 (3rd March 1978)
JVC HR-3300 VHS (1st October 1978)
His Master's Voice VHS (October 1978)
AWA/Thorn VHS (October 1978)
National VHS (May 1979)
VHS (The Sun Herald,
20th May 1979)
Sony SL-8000 Betamax (May 1979)
Sony SL-8000 Betamax (May 1979)
(Vintage Video Home)
Philips EL3400 1" VTR (TV Week, 27th November 1965) [featuring Olivia Newton John & Terry O'Neill]