1978/79 PYE VCR1780 (discarded)

This is a PYE VCR1780 long play VCR from the late 70s. My technical friend Brian found this machine along with a few tapes in Mangerton not too far from his house on grass ready for curb-side pickup and called me up and I drove out there and took the VCR and the tapes. This VCR is a PYE badged Philips N1702. I tested the VCR, mechanically it functions good and the audio is good but sadly one of the video heads was broken so the VCR was of no use to me apart from being a museum display piece or a spare parts machine. I sold this VCR a couple of years ago to one of my contacts in Sydney along with the N1500 and a N1700. If I could put together a vintage video museum this would of made a great addition as VCR machines made by other companies apart from Philips are a real rarity.
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