1967 Sony VCK-2400ACE B&W vidicon portable camera

This is a portable Sony VCK-2400ACE B&W 2/3" vidicon camera made around 1967. This camera looks identical to the DVC-2400 made the same year which is used with a DV-2400 1/2" portable VTR. I wonder if this camera was made to work with a DV-2400? This camera apparently can also be hooked up to a CV-2100 VTR as well, I however currently don't have the cable to hook this camera up to my CV-2100CE to test with, so if anyone has a cable for this camera to give away or sell I am very interested!!! Anyways this is a nice little camera and very innovative for its day especially being made with a portable VTR, this was very cutting edge back in 1967!!! Here below are some photos of this neat little camera.
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I have recently learned of a way to operate this camera (and all other early portapack VTR cameras) and output a video signal without the need of the camera's associated portable VTR through a brilliant genius method by my mate Richard Diehl of Labguy's World. This involves feeding each pin of the camera's 10 pin socket with its required signals and power which includes horizontal and vertical sync drive which is fed from a sync pulse generator, 12VDC power from a 12VDC power source, and outputting an output video lead to connect to a monitor, all this explained in Richard's video called "The Eight Dollar TV Camera" . I have made a page that explains this method in great detail including photos and videos of the gear I used and the adapter lead I made to link the camera chain, it can be viewed here:
Operating a 60s/70s portable camera without it's required portable reel-reel videotape recorder!

As a result I am finally able to test this camera and to my pleasant surprise it works!!!:D The vidicon tube needed a surface clean with isopropyl alcohol, after doing that I got a very nice crisp perfect B&W picture!!!:D The only problem with the camera is it needs back focus adjustment as the picture blurs when I zoom right in on subjects at a long distance, there is a ring adjustment which I tried adjusting but no improvement on focus so will have to sometime work out how to back focus this camera, apart from that it works good!:D

This camera has since became my favourite camera for my B&W video productions and have been using this camera for a lot of cool applications, I have taken this camera on remote location around my area, I have done some cool psychedelic videos with this camera, I have made colour video from this camera, I have even used this camera as a car cam and made a couple of retro style car cam videos which look really cool!!!:D So here below are my cool projects I have been doing with this camera:
Sony VCK-2400ACE filming inside the garage
Sony VCK-2400ACE filming in my bedroom
The following pictures and videos are remote location videos I made using this camera and it's associated gear powered from my car battery via the inverter. I basically connected a 12VDC-240VAC power inverter to my car battery and connected a power panel and rigged up my camera chain consisting of the 12VDC power jack, sync pulse generator, VHS VCR and of course the camera and with this setup I can pretty much go anywhere my car goes and film away! I have in the past done remotes with similar setups all powered from the inverter connected to car battery, all you need is a car battery and an inverter and a power panel and you've got yourself a portable mains power supply!;) Anyhow below are pics of my car remote VCK-2400ACE camera chain setup along with some on location videos around the Illawarra:
Sony VCK-2400ACE and camera chain on remote rigged up ready to go
UTEL 2004 SPG with VHS VCR on top
12VDC-240VAC car battery to mains power inverter
Images on the camera's viewfinder screen
On remote location Hill 60, Port Kembla
Sony VCK-2400ACE on remote at Ian McLennan Park, Kembla Grange
Sony VCK-2400ACE on remote near BHP Steelworks, Port Kembla
Sony VCK-2400ACE on remote at Hill 60, Port Kembla
Now here's something cool and out there crazy I decided to do with my VCK-2400ACE, I decided to use it as a car cam and have made two long car cam videos retro 60s style!!!:D There are many car cam videos floating around on YouTube done with your standard mini CCD colour camera or with a digital HD DV handycam, I could do the same but that's not me I like to be different so this is my car cam with a retro twist, something that most normal people wouldn't do haha! lol So to achieve a retro car cam setup using this camera, the setup principal is the same as for my remote videos above except I have the camera on tripod secured in the car strapped to the backseat with seatbelts and tripod adjusted to be rigidly secured in place. The SPG sits on the floor on one side whilst the VHS VCR and power panel sits on the other side and the inverter in the front on the passenger side floor and connected to the cigarette lighter socket which is working in my new VT Commodore unlike my VR (yes I recently purchased a new car!). The audio setup was a camera mic from one of my 80s colour cameras connected to a pre-amplifier circuit connected to the audio input of my VHS VCR. Then it's simply powering it all up, make sure it's all working, hit record on my VHS VCR and go for a drive! So I went driving around the countryside out west of Kembla Grange and Dapto for the first video, it was dark and pissin down rain big time and I had the f-stop at 16 so the pictures are rather dim but still great, the second video done the very next day, the weather was nice and sunny with some overcast so I got a really good picture, I once again drove around the countryside out back of Kembla Grange and Dapto and then on the F6 back to Unanderra and back home. Both videos turned out great, it's a very unusual, different and interesting way of making car cam videos!!!:D By the way this wasn't the first time I've made a retro car cam video, back in 2003 I made a retro car cam video with My small handheld 1983 Sharp XC-54 newvicon tube colour camera connected to portable VHS VCR and the video can be viewed here on YouTube. Anyways here below are pictures of my retro car cam setup in my new VT Commodore along with my two lengthy car cam videos I made with lots of driving action couple with my kickarse 70s heavy rock tunes I had crankin loud in my car, enjoy:
Sony VCK-2400ACE on tripod strapped to middle backseat with seatbelts and mic and preamp and cabling taped to tripod
VHS VCR and power panel on left floor and SPG on right floor
SPG secured on right floor
VHS VCR secured on left floor with power panel behind
12VDC-240VAC battery-mains inverter on front left passenger side floor
Sony VCK-2400ACE retro car cam video 1, a wet trip around the countryside out back of Kembla Grange and Dapto
Sony VCK-2400ACE retro car cam video 2, a sunny trip around the countryside out back of Kembla Grange and Dapto and up the F6 freeway back to Unanderra and back home
Now here's another real cool experiment I tried with my VCK-2400ACE, in the past I have made colour video stills from my B&W vidicon cameras using red, green and blue cellophane filtering as seen on this page , well I decided to have a crack at making a colour video from this B&W camera using the same method but with video! This involved repeat filming of an animated subject four times for the red, green, blue and luminance channels which can only be done with consistent animated subjects that animate in the exact same way four times, trying to film an inconsistent animated subject four times and moving the camera will result in a psychedelic mess lol!!! So with this camera I filmed two consistent animated subjects, one of a pre-recorded video colour played on my computer monitor and the other of a rotating colourful disco light ball. So I filmed them four times, combined each individual frame channels red, green, blue and luminance in Corel Photopaint and made my colour videos with complete success and reasonably accurate colour pictures!!!:D Here below are those two videos:
Sony VCK-2400ACE colour video of my backyard
Demonstration video of my remote setup of my Sony VCK-2400ACE camera chain
Sony VCK-2400ACE colour video of a disco ball
My next experiment with this camera is like fusing old technology with new technology, another crazy yet successful experiment of mine which is to use this 45 year old camera as a webcam on Skype. I simply bought off Ebay a cheap USB video capture device called an EzCAP DC60+ VHS to DVD capture card which is great for recording old videotapes to computer as well as any other video sources including cameras. I did my research and realised these capture devices can also be used on Skype as a webcam source, so I tested it out with this camera connected via VHS (this removes DC offset) to my EzCap device connected to USB of my PC and selected the EzCap in the Skype webcam source settings and voila my VCK-2400ACE is now operating as a webcam!!!:D A few months ago I field tested the camera on a Skype call to my mate Richard Diehl of Labguy's World and it worked successfully, Richard wondered why I was in B&W initially and was surprised to know that camera was my webcam for the call and said the pictures are even more superior in quality than that of a standard webcam. As I had the camera mounted on tripod and it being big and bulky compared to a webcam I had to have the camera positioned to the right side of me and also had to have my cyclorama light on due to poor low light sensitivity of a vidicon tube, nevertheless it worked really good!!!:D Here below are some pictures and video demos of my VCK-2400ACE as a Skype webcam, enjoy:
Using a vintage TV camera as a webcam on Skype (Part 1)
Using a vintage TV camera as a webcam on Skype (Part 2)
And here below are a few more little experiments made with this camera, two of them are psychedelic animated gifs and still imagery filmed off my B&W TV with this camera connected to my homemade video effects unit, one is a rudimentary starburst filter effect using a kitchen sink grate mesh and the last one is an image orthicon effect applied to some samples from my remote videos made on this camera using "unsharp mask" effect and brightness/contrast adjusmtents:
Psychedelic imagery filmed off 1969 B&W PYE TV screen on my Sony VCK-2400ACE connected to my homemade video effects unit and animated with the effects unit and zooming the lens in and out
Psychedelic animated GIFs filmed off 1969 PYE B&W TV screen on my Sony VCK-2400ACE connected to homemade video effects unit
Making a starburst lighting effect on my Sony VCK-2400ACE using a sink mesh grate as a rudimentary starburst filter
Sony VCK-2400ACE video samples with pseudo image orthicon tube camera effect made by slightly upping the brightness and lowering the contrast considerably and using "unsharp mask" in Corel Photopaint
Stay tuned for more videos to come in the near future!!!