Camera tubes

Here are some old tubes for early video cameras of the semi professional variety. A couple of them are vidicon tubes and the other two I am not so sure, if anyone can give me detailed information on these tubes I'd much appreciate it. Most of the tubes were kindly donated to me by VTR/camera collector Richard , the Philips tube was given to me by my techo friend Brian. I believe these tubes will come in handy at some point.
RCA 4848 2/3 inch vidicon tube
Hitachi 8823 2/3 inch vidicon tube
RCA 4848 2/3" vidicon tube housed inside a KV-19C deflection yoke
Philips 7735A 1 inch vidicon tube
(Vintage Video Home)
Philips 55850-N 1 inch vidicon tube
1950s General Electric GL-5820 image orthicon camera tube (click here to see more details and pics)
1965 English Electric Valve Company 7735A 1 inch vidicon tube (removed from my Shibaden HV-13 camera)
RCA 4848 2/3" vidicon tube and its KV-19C deflection yoke
4 x 2/3 inch vidicon tubes: Toshiba 8844, Hitachi 8823, RCA 4848 and a Matsushita 20PE13
5 x 1 inch vidicon tubes: Philips 7735A, two unknown tubes (presumably Toshiba), Philips 55850-N and a English Electric Valve Company 7735A from 1965
3 inch image orthicon tube socket and 1 inch vidicon tube socket