1970s Toshiba C-1821 Colour TV

This is a Toshiba C-1821 colour TV from around the late 1970s. My TV tech friend Brian gave me this TV back in 2002 and this TV was my main TV I used for viewing from 2002 to 2007 before upgrading to a 1990s multi-standard PAL/NTSC 68cm Sony TV for regular viewing. This TV gave a very good picture and still does, the luminance is tinted towards sepia but that in its own way looks good for B&W viewing and gives a certain polaroid photo tone for colour viewing which I quite like :). These TVs were pretty much built to last and I believe this TV will be still crankin in 50 years time. Anyways here below is a series of photos and a couple of videos of it in operation.
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Toshiba C-1821 displaying a classic Norman Gunston Show from 1975
Toshiba C-1821 displaying the infamous poptart Nyan Cat internet viral video