UTEL Sync Pulse Generator & Colour Bar Generator 2004

This is a sync pulse generator and colour bar generator model 2004 made by UTEL in Adelaide. This unit was kindly donated by maker of this unit as I was in need of a SPG for my camera projects as these older cameras can work better from a SPG unit. This unit consists of a sync pulse generator with multiple outputs providing the necessary sync pulses for a variety of cameras and a colour bar generator for TVs and monitors which can be provided in PAL or NTSC and in 525 lines or 625 lines. This unit will be an excellent and valuable tool for my camera projects and I look forward to putting it to great use! Here below are a number of pictures and descriptions of the controls and outputs.
Front panel featuring colour bar generator controls and horizontal/vertical test signal output
Rear panel featuring multiple sync pulse outputs for various sections of various camera chains
3 channel output section for a colour camera. From left to right: R-Y, Y and B-Y
(Vintage Video Home)
10 pin output socket for various essential sync pulse outputs for camera chains:
1- Video to BNC
2 - Ground
3 - Vertical Drive
4 - Ground
5 - Horizontal Drive
6 Blanking
7 - Subcarrier
8 - Sync
9 - PAL Flag
10 - Burst Flag

Not sure what the BNC output socket outputs
Colour bar generator selector for various modes. From left to right: The ON/OFF switches colour burst on or off, the NTSC/PAL switches between two standards, MODE 525/625 switches line scan to either 525 lines and 625 lines, and BARS FULL/SPLIT switches between full colour bars and split colour bars i.e. colour bars with a red horizontal bar at bottom.
Vertical and Horizontal sync drive signal test output to check on an oscilloscope. Socket below with RCA adapter on it outputs the colour bars to a TV or monitor.
Colour bar signal output from colour bar generator
Monochrome bar signal output from colour bar generator with colour burst switched off
Split colour bar signal output from colour bar generator
Split monochrome bar signal output from colour bar generator with colour burst switched off

I have finally put this SPG to great use since working out how to operate my Sony AVC-3400 and VCK-2400ACE B&W portable vidicon cameras without their required VTRs after watching Richard Diehl's "The Eight Dollar TV Camera" video on YouTube. I have made a page called "Operating a 60s/70s portable camera without it's required portable reel-reel videotape recorder!" which explains this process in great detail which is where this SPG comes into great use in supplying the horizontal and vertical sync pulses to those two cameras. It also provided better stability to my homemade vidicon camera as well! Anyhow below are some pics of the SPG in use for my two cameras:
Running my Sony VCK-2400ACE from the SPG
Running my Sony AVC-3400 from the SPG
Running my Sony VCK-2400ACE from the SPG on remote location
Sony VCK-2400ACE rigged up as a car cam with SPG on the floor on right side