1994 Sony CCD-TR350E CCD Video 8 Handicam camcorder

This is a Sony CCD-TR350E Video 8 CCD camcorder from 1994. This camcorder was the next step up in technology from VHS-C using smaller Video 8 format videocassettes and donned the soon to be household name "Handicam" as it was small and can easily be held in hand without causing strain like older clunky cameras did. I have used this camera a few times and it works but not without faults. The main fault is it will automatically switch itself off after about 10 minutes, the recording has worked to begin with but seems to not worked last time I tested it and the camera would after that not switch on at all and I thought it was completely dead. I have fired it up recently and it works again, so the problem is a strange one! Apart from that the pictures that come from this camera are very good CCD quality though there are some stuck white pixels which is a common fault with CCD image technology. I have used this camera a few times for some videos I have made which I've put to YouTube. Here below are some videos made from this camera along with pictures.
Sony CCD-TR350E camera test
Some camera shots in my backyard with 3 different cameras, for the Sony CCD-TR350E skip to 7:22.
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