1983 Sony BMC-100P Betamovie saticon camera

This is Sony BMC-100P Betamovie saticon tube camcorder from around 1983. The Betamovie camcorder is pretty much the first camcorders to come on the market starting in 1983 and soon after came the VHS camcorder. This camera uses a standard Betamax videocassette and you simply hit record on the camera and point and shoot and it all gets recorded onto the beta tape. There is no playback, fast forward or rewind functions on the camera nor AV outputs, the pictures and sound simply get recorded straight to tape and you play the tape back on a Betamax VCR. Anyways this Betamovie camera is in working condition according to the previous owner but I am yet to fire it up and use it myself, I will be doing that soon. Anyways it's a great looking camera and is complete with original bag and accessories and user manual. This camera will be well worth using once I can reform the battery packs. My NEC Betamovie camera looks very much like this one too, probably is exactly the same but rebadged for sales under NEC brand. Here below are some pics of the Sony Betamovie.
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