1963 Sharp TRP-601 portable B&W TV

This is a vintage portable transistorized Sharp TRP-601 B&W TV from 1963. This is a classic example of state of the art technology of Japanese electronics. This portable television is an all transistor television without a single valve used unlike the majority of the larger TVs made around the time which were still using valve circuitry. Portable transistorized sets were not that new around this time as Philco made a portable tranistorized set called the Philco Safari back in 1959.

Anyways this is a very nice little TV and it is working very well making bright pictures. This TV came in it's original carry box and even has its original purchase receipts and warranty, this set was purchased from Retravision and there's a letter that was  stamped with the date 27th November 1963 which was around the time this TV was purchased. This TV uses an unusual socket connection for the antenna input so I soldered a RF female socket to the antenna input so I can plug an RF lead in. To get a decent picture I had to use an antenna booster as the signal coming through was very weak which resulted in a snowy picture, this seemed to be a common problem with the early TVs as I had the same issue with the 1959 HMV F5-A6. Anyways with the RCA-RF modulator connected via the antenna signal booster to the TV I got a decent picture which is good! :)

Here below is some pictures of this TV and videos of it in operation.
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Sharp TRP-601 in operation displaying Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs live TV performance from 1972
Sharp TRP-601 displaying the infamous poptart Nyan Cat internet viral video