1966 Sanyo VTR-1000 1/2" B&W reel-reel VTR

This is an ultra rare pre-EIAJ era Sanyo VTR-1000 1/2" B&W reel-reel videotape recorder from 1966!!! Yes this is Sanyo's answer to Sony's CV-2000 VTR that was released a year earlier and regarded as the first consumer videotape recorder. How I came across this VTR, Ebay of course, it was selling along with some other vintage video items as a package deal for $20 and I was the only one who bidded on it!!!:D The package included the following:
1966 Sanyo VTR-1000 (with service manuals and a spare video head and 8 videotapes)
1968 Sony DVC-2400 2/3" B&W vidicon camera (with service manual)
1973 Sony CVM-110VZ B&W monitor (with user and service manual)

This VTR is of pre-EIAJ standard and before the EIAJ standard was introduced for most 1/2" reel-reel videotape recorders in 1969, each brand had their own unique recording system so videotapes were not interchangeable for playback between different brands of 1/2" reel-reel VTRs, so this VTR is of its own unique standard which according to the specification page of the manual is the BSB system.

Powering the VTR up, it powers up and the fast forward and rewind buttons operate, however there is no rotation of the motors driving the supply and takeup spindles so the VTR is only semi-operational. I plugged the video output to the Sony CVM-110VZ monitor and fast forwarding one of the tapes I couldn't see a fast forwarded picture so there maybe problems in the video processing or output circuitry too. And most importantly while the VTR was in operation I smelt something burning and opening the VTR it turns out the mains power transformer is overheating which I was told is likely to be caused by the electrolytic filter capacitors having high leakage current, so I will have to replace those caps. I am very fortunate to have a service manual for this machine as it will make servicing this machine a lot simpler in fault finding in both the electronics and mechanics and I believe with the manual and directions from my online tech friends I can restore this machine to working condition. Once I start working on restoring this VTR I will post the restoration progress on this page for all to see.

Anyhow here below are the photos of this VTR along with its accessories:
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