1969 PYE 12F-1 B&W TV

This is a vintage 12 inch PYE 12F-1 B&W TV set from 1969. I picked up this set during my visit to John's place in the Blue Mountains, he is a collector of vintage electronics and has probably the biggest collection of old TV sets in Australia!!! Anyways he was giving away a portion of his gear to me to make way for space and when I saw this TV in his back shed and said "Hey now that's a nice looking set" he said I can have it and told me it works good. And indeed it does!!! I fired it up when I got home and it works great making excellent pictures!!! I have given it a little bit of a clean up and have added a RF antenna socket adapter to the two screw terminals that were used in the olden days to add external antennas and have connected a composite to RF converter so I can plug my DVD player into the TV and can now plug any AV source into the TV via the converter and get a nice picture on the set. For a bit of fun I have played some old B&W Aussie TV footage from the pre 1975 B&W era such as Graham Kennedy's In Melbourne Tonight and it all looks really good viewed on this B&W set! I also tested some of my cameras on this TV most notably the Sony AVC-3250CE vidicon tube B&W camera and it looks brilliant viewed on this TV!!! Anyways I am going to use this TV set whenever I want to watch a classic B&W Aussie TV classics such as Matlock Police, Division 4, Aunty Jack, IMT etc... Here below is a YouTube video of this TV in action followed by quite a number of pics.
My PYE 12F-1 in action viewing free-air TV, Graham Kennedy's IMT 1962 and 1975 uni lecture played from 1/2" B&W reel-reel video on my National NV-3020E VTR
The oldskool screw terminals for external antenna connection
(Vintage Video Home)
RF Antenna socket adapter connected to the old external antenna screw terminal
Front view of the TV, very nice late 60s styling!
Rear view of the TV
Internal view of the TV, pretty much all solid state components
TV tuner with manufacture date 8-4-69 stamped, this TV would of been completed not to long after that date given
John Farnham on Australia Day Live 1985
Graham Kennedy on IMT 1962, looks GREAT on this TV
Some screen caps of my Sony AVC-3250CE B&W vidicon camera pictures, looks excellent this vintage B&W TV!!!