1960s 1" Philips reel-reel videotape

This is a 1" Philips reel-reel videotape from the 1960s used in Philips LDL1200 omega wrap VTRs and EL3402 alpha wrap VTRs which can be seen here http://www.oldtechnology.net/reeltoreel.html . I won this tape off Ebay, it's amazing to find one of these in Australia as I've never heard of these early Philips VTRs being used over here. I dare say some were imported back then for educational/professional purposes. Anyways this tape is unlabeled and I have no way of knowing what's on it until I can get my hands on one of the above Philips machines. I hope there will be some real early off-air TV recordings on it, that would be totally awesome!!!
Top: Mike's Philips LDL1200 1" Omega-Wrap VTR
Bottom: Mike's Philips EL3402 1" Alpha-Wrap VTR.
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