1974/75 Philips K9 Model 02 KD 654 Colour TV

This is a vintage 25 inch Philips K9 chassis model 02 KD 654 colour television set made around 1974/75. My uncle gave me this  TV set many years ago and I had it in storage under the house until now. This TV set is one of the earliest colour TV sets on the Australian consumer market when Australian TV networks converted from B&W to colour towards the end of 1974. As a brief bit of history, Australia was one of the last developed countries to convert to colour, we had B&W from 1956 to early 1975, experimental colour casts began from 19th October 1974 and the official opening of colour on all TV networks began on 1st March 1975. This TV set was probably a popular choice around that period. Anyways back to the TV. This TV uses the early honeycomb phosphor dot shadow mask layout which was common on the early colour TV sets from the 50s to the 70s before the phosphor striped aperture grill CRTs became common. As Australia didn't have UHF back in the 70s this TV set only has a VHF tuner. When I first powered up this TV when I got it several years ago the TV was making green pictures and then no picture, just a high pitched frequency hum and it's been that way since. I now have the K9 service manual with schematics for this TV so I am currently attempting to get this TV set working again. I'm not yet a wiz on repairing TVs but have done a course at TAFE on TV servicing and repairs so I am familiar with basic fault finding and safety precautions when working with high voltage. For safety I have bought from my old workplace an isolation transformer which will be used when working on this TV and other projects of mine. Anyways the fault finding has begun on this TV starting with the power supply which seems to be arcing in one area of the circuit, something that needs to be addressed. Here below are some pics of this classic colour TV. I have to say a Philips N1500 VCR would suit well sitting on top of this TV as the fake woodgrain colour scheme is similar.
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