1991 Panasonic NV-MS1 SVHS CCD camcorder

This is a Panasonic NV-MS1 SVHS CCD camcorder from 1991. This camcorder uses the at the time superior S-VHS video recording technology recording onto tape at 400 lines opposed to 240 lines on standard VHS hence superior quality picture playback at closer to broadcast quality! This camcorder uses the full sized S-VHS cassettes despite VHS-C camcorder technology being on the scene for many years so this camera is a lot bigger and clunkier, but gives great pictures and records in superior quality. S-VHS-C camcorders soon followed then came Video 8. This camcorder is in mostly good condition with the exception of the mic (it's missing its wind sock) , comes in its original suitcase with accessories and power adapter. I have tested this camera the other week, from memory it seemed to record fine to cassette though the play, fast forward and rewind functions seem to not work up to scratch. The pictures from this camera are brilliant and in the same league as any CCD camera made during the 90s. Here below are some pictures of this camera.
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