1970 National NV-3020E 1/2" B&W EIAJ reel-reel VTR

This is a National NV-3020E 1/2" EIAJ standard B&W reel-reel VTR from the early 70s. I got this VTR along with a Umatic from one of my contacts back in early 2004. It worked fantastically and I've transferred a stack of reel-reel videotape recordings including some containing early off-air stuff like Paul Hogan Show from 1977, ABBA Bandstand special from 1976. These sort of videotape recorders were popular in the 1970s mainly at schools and colleges for camera recordings of school/college stuff and recording of educational programs. Anyways last year the guy who I got this VTR from was in need of having it back so I returned it to him as I've got a working Sony AV-3620CE VTR to transfer tapes.
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I've recently got myself another National NV-3020E VTR from an electronics collector in the Blue Mountains and this VTR is in great condition and works perfectly!!! I have gotten a few tapes with it as well, one contained a university lecture from 1975 from Wollongong University, surprise surprise a local recording!!! The other tapes had class lectures as well and a few off air recordings of Torvill & Dean ice skating events from 1984 so this VTR was still used in the 80s. Anyways back to the VTR. I would assume these NV-3020E machines were probably the most popular mass produced EIAJ VTR of the 70s and sold to the industrial/educational/business circles in the thousands. They are also very robust and will practically live on forever unlike today's cheaply made VHS machines. Anyways I am glad to get this VTR as my Sony AVC-3620CE is currently not working and I want to transfer reel-reel videos again. Here below are pictures of this VTR in action.
My National NV-3020E in operation