1974 National WV-355 B&W vidicon camera

This is a vintage National WV-355 B&W 1 inch vidicon tube camera from around 1974. This camera is actually a WV-350 but has had the 0 crossed out and 5 added so I guess this camera had some custom modifications done to it. Anyhow this is one very professional looking B&W camera, looks even more sophisticated than the Sony AVC-3250CE despite being made for semi-professional video productions. This camera uses a 1 inch vidicon tube which I guess offers superior quality over the 2/3 inch tubes though not certain. I know the broadcast grade vidicon cameras like the PYE Graduate, EMI 201, RCA TK-15, Marconi BD864 and others also used 1 inch vidicon tubes, so makes me wonder if this semi professional camera outputs pictures in the same league as those mentioned broadcast cameras? Anyhow back to the camera. This camera has a 5 inch viewfinder and quite a few adjustment controls on the back which are pretty much the same as on any other vidicon camera. The camera is quite heavy too and would probably not hold up well on my tripods so I will need a stronger tripod to mount this camera on. I have powered up this camera to see if I can get a picture, so far the viewfinder lights up and I am getting a video output but no picture so it's another project for me to work on. Anyways here below are some photos of this great camera.
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