1980s National NV-M3 VHS Movie newvicon camcorders

Here are some National NV-M3 newvicon tube VHS Movie camcorders from the early/mid 1980s, three in total. The VHS Movie was VHS's answer to the Betamovie cam and went a few steps further featuring all the basic VHS VCR controls such as record, play, fast forward rewind and stop, plus the camera has an AV output on its DC power adapter to plug into a TV or a video recorder of any format. The National NV-M3 were pretty much the first generation of the VHS camcorder and used standard sized VHS cassettes. Not long after came the VHS-C camcorder which used small compact VHS cassettes. Anyways the two cameras work very well and record onto the tapes just fine, the fast forward and rewind seems to be a bit dodgy though but that comes standard with wear'n'tear and age. The pictures from these cameras are very nice and have that distinct tube colour look to them. I also have a 3rd camera but it's had a rough life and missing some parts, it powers up briefly and shuts down, it will be my spare parts camera. The two cameras come complete in their cases with their accessories. Here below are some pictures of these cameras.
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