1976 Philips N1512

This is a Philips N1512 standard play VCR from the mid 70s. I bought this VCR from a guy in Victoria in early 2004, he also had 30 VCR cassettes which I bought previously from him which had Hawthorn College stuff and ABC educational shows on them from the mid/late 70s. Anyways this VCR is pretty much like the N1502 but with audio/video outputs added to it for one's convenience of copying videotapes to another format which is to my advantage of transferring standard play VCR tapes to DVD. This machine sustained some cosmetic damage such as a corrosive damage on one of the circuit boards which I had to solder wire links over to complete the circuits and the lid is snapped at one corner. Apart from that this VCR has great video heads and is nearly a goer. All it needs is the tracking to be adjusted so it's stable as I'm getting vertically rolling tracking lines in the picture, maybe the tape transport speed is a bit out. I hope to get this machine running good sometime in the near future so I can start transferring standard play VCR tapes. I did do some test recordings on this machine and the tape played back good so it means the problem would probably lie in the tape transport speed. Anyways this is quite a nice machine, very modernistic in cosmetic design with the new plastic look comparable with 80s VCRs which looks more modernist than the woodgrain VCRs America were using at the time, also integrated circuitry is also used as well.
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I just did a belt change in the VCR and got it working better, almost perfect for a little while. I played a few tapes, when hitting play the first time you get a tracking line at the bottom of the picture, but when fast forwarding a little and playing again it goes right down the bottom in which you practically don't see it. However that didn't last long as the next time I played tapes I got rolling tracking lines again. Another issue to deal with is when outputting to the DVD recorder, it seems like in areas of the picture every second field is offsetted which is a real issue, I hooked up a video stabiliser and it fixed the problem but created other problems like colour dropouts and converting rolling picturs into really horizontally skewy pictures which to my opinion looks worse. Anyhow this VCR is not too far off from working good so with some technical knowledge and some service this machine will work good in the near future. Here below are some videos and pictures of my N1512 in action and that picture problem I have when hooking the VCR to the DVD recorder.
N1512 in action playing the feature film Superman recorded in the early 80s
N1512 in action playing a 1975 ABC recording of a UK educational film "Safety & Using Materials"
Direct feed from the N1512 to DVD recorder which presents horizontal field offsets problem