1976 Philips N1502

This is a Philips N1502 standard play VCR from the mid 70s. I got this VCR from a vintage TV collector John http://cool386.tripod.com/ whom kindly gave me me a massive load of video gear and this VCR was included along with about 5 Philips N1700s. Due to my own space constraints I gave 4 of the N1700s to a collector friend of mine during the trip and kept this N1502 and one of the N1700s for spares. Anyways This N1502 is very much like the N1512, only difference is the N1512 has audio/video outputs. The N1502 was a very modernistic design for 1976 with the 80s/90s looking grey/black plastic enclosure along with digital clock timer and the circuitry too looks very modernistic and also has integrated circuitry. Anyways this VCR is unfortunately in sorry shape as it's missing parts and the top cover so it's likely to be only good for parts for my N1512 machine. Here below are a couple of pictures of this machine.
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