1973/74 Philips N1500 (discarded)

This is a Philips N1500 standard play VCR from the early 70s. I found this machine in early 2002 at a recycle place in Bulli called "Cavions" which has since moved to Nowra. Also there I found a Philips N1700 as well. This machine was in bad shape, the belts turned to goo, the timer was broken and it had a few other issues. Fortunately my technical friend Brian whom has been in the TV and antenna service for decades kindly restored this VCR so it worked just enough to play the tapes, he ordered the belts and he made some adapter plugs for the audio and video outputs and he did some restoration and testing. The machine was up and running good enough to play tapes though I had to manually move the head drum to get it to complete the lace up. The rewind or fast forward button was non-operational so I had to to the winding/rewinding in the N1700. Anyhow this VCR worked good for about a year, I transferred quite a number of tapes with recordings from 1975 to 1982 off this machine to VHS and most turned out great. Sadly towards the end of 2003 one of the video heads snapped off and I was getting bad pictures and so this machine was of no further use. I sold this machine along with a couple of other non-operational VCR machines to one of my contacts who could find better use for it. Anyhow it got a reasonable run while it lasted.
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