Cleaning the viewfinder
Cleaning the power supply unit (PSU)
Cleaning the camera control unit (CCU)
Cleaning the camera cables and connectors
So that's most of the cleaning job done. As mentioned there's still those hard to reach areas that require cleaning especially in the CCU, when I find a suitable way to clean those areas I will commence with further cleaning.

Anyhow aside from further cleaning the camera chain, I will sometime get started on the electrical restoration for this camera. I am debating on whether to or not to replace all of the basic components like the resistors and capacitors and other common components as they generally degenerate over time. I will be certainly replacing the electrolytic caps as they would of long ago dried up. So far these are just thoughts as part of me wants to preserved the originality of the camera by leaving its original components in whilst the other part of me thinks of how the camera will run better with brand spankin new components such as better tolerance resistors. The paper capacitors and electrolytic caps will obviously need to be replaced as rule of thumb as they generally degenerate over time more than any other component.

Here below is the service manual set for this camera chain, I have most of the service manuals except for the monitor/waveform display. I got these manuals from a vintage radio collector who had a lot of manuals for various old radio equipment and I asked if he had any manuals for old studio cameras and he mentioned he had a set of 6 service manuals for a Marconi MKIII image orthicon camera. I bought this set of service manuals from him and they are now in my possession. These manuals cover everything of the Marconi MKIII image orthicon camera chain from the camera head to the CCU to the PSU and everything else. The list of manuals are:
Television Camera Type BD.687
Camera Control Chassis Type BD.626G
Electronic Viewfinders Types 2158A, 2158B & 2158C
Focus Supply Units - Studio: Type 1881 Eds. A & B Mobile: Type 2137 Eds. A to H
Mobile Regulated Power Supply Unit (1 Amp) Type BD.629D [2 copies]
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