1985 JVC GR-45E CCD VHS-C camcorder

This is a JVC GR-45E CCD VHS-C camcorder from 1985. This was probably one of the first of the camcorders to use CCD (charged couple device) image technology which replaced the old saticon/newvicon/vidicon image tubes used in previous cameras. CCD pictures are of course in general are in many ways superior to pictures from image tubes for the fact they are more sensitive in low lighting conditions, the colour and picture sharpness is pretty much perfect, physically CCDs are tiny opposed to image tubes and the picture optimization is automatic without need of adjustments and the colours never go faulty like in tubes. Now back to the camera. This camera is very compact for its time using CCD technology and VHS-C format video cassette recording and pretty much paved the way for camcorder designs to follow over the next several years before the introduction of Video 8 handycams. I have tested this camcorder and unfortunately it doesn't power up so it's a non-goer, if the fault lies in the power supply section I might be able to fix it. Anyhow here are some pics of this camcorder.

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