John's rare vintage TV sets

I have recently gotten in touch with another vintage electronics enthusiast in Australia who has a massive collection of vintage electronics epecially vintage TV sets, he has probably the biggest collection of vintage TV sets in Australia with upwards of 200 TVs. His name is John Hunter and he has a website called featuring a portion of his collection which is only the tip of the iceberg!!! I decided to pay him a visit recently to see his collection and he had a lot of interesting vintage video items and other gear he was happy to give away to me to free up storage space, one of the items was a nice looking 1969 12 inch PYE 12F-1 B&W TV set. Anyhow he showed me all of his collection and I was totally amazed with what he has!!! It's pretty much when it comes to antique electronics from TVs, radios, telephones, valve appliances etc. you name it he has it!!!

Focusing on the television side of things he has a LOT of early pre-1970 B&W TVs of all different makes and models and probably over 30 pre 1960 B&W sets which are absolute antiques. He also has quite a number of early colour TVs from the 1970s as well. He has even imported some early B&W TVs from UK and USA which pre-date television in Australia and has converted them to run on Australian 625 line 25fps standard.

Anyways he has switched on some of his real vintage B&W TVs including a 1949 American Airline TV and I have taken some photos and videos of these TV sets in operation and thought I'd share them on my website for all enthusiasts to see!

First TV set featured is the 1949 7 inch Airline 400TV B&W TV imported from USA. It is actually a Sentinel 400TV rebadged as Airline. This is a classic portable American TV set that could be lugged anywhere, even seen an advert of this set sitting on the ledge of a bathtub switched and the viewer relaxing in the bath, not a very safe practice I can easily say hehehe. Anyways John converted this set from the American 525 line 30fps standard to Australian 625 line 25 fps standard and it is successfully displaying Aussie standard pictures on it! Watching this set in action is an absolute wow factor for me as I am viewing modern Australian television on a TV set made several years before Australia got television!!! Due to the age and a bit of gassing of the CRT it is not quite performing up to par as the picture smears a bit but overall the picture to my opinion looks pretty good and very watchable!!! John has featured this TV set on his website so for much more technical info on this TV click here to view his page. Anyhow here below is some pics and a YouTube video of this set in operation.
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1949 USA Airline 400TV B&W TV set in operation in 625 line 25fps Australian standard
The next featured TV set is a 1950 EKCO TC140 405 line B&W TV set from the UK. This is an absolute classic rare TV set!!! John has not yet worked on restoring this TV set yet so it currently sits in storage. I am not sure why the transparent screen layer covering has that mauve tint to it, might be due to age of the material. Anyways here below is a couple of pics of this stylish vintage British set.
The next featured TV set is a 1957 EKCO TX-287 625 line B&W TV set. This is a very nicely styled TV set and it makes BRILLIANT B&W pictures which will be shown in the video below. EKCO made TV sets for Australia during the 50s in 625 line standard and this is one example. Here below is a video of this set in operation along with a photo, as seen the pictures look brilliant! John has also featured this TV set on his site on this page.
1957 EKCO TX-287 B&W TV set in operation
The next featured TV set is a 1956 Healing 312 B&W TV. This is one of the first B&W TV sets on the Australian consumer market when television was introduced in Australia in 1956. It would not surprise me if the original owners have watched the Melbourne Olympics on it. Anyways this set takes a little while to warm up but when it does it makes very nice pictures and kind of gives new television programs that classic 50s/60s B&W look minus the image orthicon halo effects. Anyways here below is a video of this set in operation along with a picture.
1956 Healing 312 B&W TV set in operation
The next featured TV set is a 1958 Philips 21CT335 B&W TV. Another great stylish B&W TV set from the early years of TV in Australia, looks a little like my 1959 HMV set too. Anyways here is a video of this set in operation and a photo.
1958 Philips 21CT335 B&W TV set in operation
The next featured TV set is a large screen cabinet type B&W AWA/Thorn TV set from the late 1960s, not sure of the model. This TV was apparently popular in schools back in the day too. Anyways it has that distinct late 60s woodgrain with chrome coated controls which looks pretty cool, gotta love how older appliances have such styling to them. I haven't taken a video of this set but have taken a picture and here it is below.
The final TV set featured is John's homemade B&W TV set he built from scratch going by a given schematic in a 1958 Radio Televison & Hobbies magazine. The cathode ray tube he used for this TV set dates way back to 1943 and was a common tube made for oscilloscopes, radar and experimental television. So using this tube and old valve electronics and an oscilloscope type enclosure he put this set together and got it working very good!!! The picture is very dim but in the dark makes very nice green monochrome pictures which look really cool, so amazing to see modern pictures on a 68 year old CRT!!! Here below is a video of this set in operation along with a few pictures.
John's homemade vintage valve TV set in operation