1970s Javelin EZ-1740 B&W vidicon surveillance camera

This is a vintage Javelin EZ-1740 B&W vidicon surveillance camera from the 1970s. Around the 70s period it was very common practice to make a mini surveillance B&W camera utilizing a 2/3 inch vidicon tube with electrostatic focus and a compact circuit design with ICs all fitting onto one circuit board housed inside a small enclosure and this camera is a good example. This camera uses a 2/3" vidicon tube with magnetic deflection and I believe electrostatic focus judging by the size of the yoke. This camera has a the basic picture adjustments on the back for optimum quality for surveillance and a BNC video output. It is a mystery where the power is sourced from as the power socket is multi pin and there is a plug with two wire leads coming from it, I don't know whether it connects to a specialized mains AC to DC power adapter or a surveillance CCU or straight to mains, I doubt it would be straight to mains though. If anyone has any info on this camera's power source email me at ac_dc_rocks@hotmail.com . Until I can work out its power source and get a hold of one or build one, I am unable to test this camera. Anyways here is some photos of this classic little surveillance camera.
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