Vertical drive signal located at gate of TR21 on deflection board. Period= 20ms Volts=9V p-p
Vertical output signal to coils on deflection board. Period= 20ms Volts=8.3V p-p
Signal from Iconoscope tube target output
Composie video output signal from video board. Period=64us
Now here are the schematic diagrams for my Iconoscope camera. The video and deflection circuits are from my homemade vidicon camera and they originated from Amateur Television Handbook which can be downloaded from BATC website on this page . The voltage divider circuit was drawn up by my friend Richard Diehl of who also kindly donated me the -1KV power supply as well. And the power supply circuits are my adaptation from the vidicon power supply circuit to drive the video/deflection boards and the voltage divider via -1KV power supply. Here below are the schematics:
Video circuit
Deflection timebase circuit
Power supply circuits
Iconoscope tube voltage divider circuit
So that's all the circuitry driving my RCA 1846 Iconoscope tube and outputting a crude but yet very watchable picture! :) It's quite amazing how circuitry from a vidicon camera can drive an Iconoscope tube with only some modification. I am so glad I decided to first build a vidicon camera as a startup project when I was contemplating on building an image orthicon camera, little did I know the vidicon circuitry would one day drive an Iconoscope, I can't get over how amazing things work out this way and how amazing these camera projects have been in general!!! :D

Anyways that's almost it for updates, got a final surprise to wrap things up. As I am notorious for making tri-chrome colour video stills of still subjects from my B&W tube cameras using red-green-blue filters, I was eager to try my luck making colour video stills from my Iconoscope camera so I did just that using the same principle plus doing an unfiltered shot for image detail. When I was doing the filter trick I saw the camera was responding to each primary colour and when I extracted the stills from the video and composited the tri-chrome colour video frame in Photoshop plus adding the B&W shot for extra detail, low and behold I got colour pictures YAAAAAY!!! :D This proves that it would of been possible to make a colour Iconoscope camera by means of a colour filter wheel in front of the tube or possibly a 3 tube or 4 tube Iconoscope colour camera though the mirror splitter will be harder to make than for a RCA TK-41 camera! Anyways here are the stills below:
So that wraps up my Iconoscope camera project updates for this season! I'm going on a 2 week holiday in Tasmania and when I get back I will be tinkering with my Iconoscope camera some more and keep you's updated, so stay tuned! :)
Horizontal drive signal located before 270 ohm resistor and transistor T15 on deflection board. Period= 64us Volts=11V p-p
Horizontal output signal to coils on deflection board. Period= 64us Volts=175V p-p
Firstly the waveforms, here below are the waveforms for the horizontal/vertical deflection signals and target/video signals:
UPDATE 21/12/15!!!

I've been slack once again with my website updates, has taken me 5 months to get motivated and back into it! Anyways I will fill you viewers in on my progress with my camera over the past 5 months.

After coming back from my Tassie holiday I placed the Iconoscope tube back into my camera and fired it up and it was experiencing sync issues which the picture was unstable and rolling on the TV screen. So I made a vlog video showing what's going on and further in the video the picture somehow comes good again!
Now I thought I'd take things to the next level with on location shots, I was going to a concert up in western Sydney one evening and so I thought I'd pack my Iconoscope camera chain in the car go up earlier in the afternoon to Sydney Airport and do some plane spotting with it!
So I packed the whole kit and kaboodle in my car and drove up to the Sheps Mound tower mound area at Sydney Airport one afternoon and set up camera and catch some planes. Things went hairy that afternoon, I accidentally connected the power inverter reverse polarity on my car battery and blew it (the fuse actually I later found out) so I went to the nearest Jaycar store a few k's up the road and bought another one. After that kerfuffle and then finally setting the camera up it was late afternoon and closer to sunset. Anyhow caught a couple of planes taking off and several taxiing up and down the runway and I had further troubles, the bloody DVD recorder flagged the video signal as copyright and kept stopping on me which screwed things up so I wasn't able to record as much as I would of liked to. Also somehow the microphone connection somehow got unplugged so there's no sound. And it gets worse, as I was capturing a QANTAS A380 Airbus taking off I accidentally caught the sun and burnt some spots onto the tube's mosaic so now have some permanent burn marks in the picture!!!
I so should of done my plane spotting in the morning or picked another location not facing the sun!!! Anyhow here below are a couple of pics of my camera on location and the plane spotting video I made from the recordings:
Next up I did a series of more on location shots local to the Illawarra region. Firstly here's one I did down Staff Road in Unanderra which I included a vlog as well:
And here are some more on location videos I've done:
Belmore Basin boat harbour, Wollongong
Old Wollongong Lighthouse at Belmore Basin, Wollongong
Beach near Port Kembla sewage works
Darcey Road, Port Kembla
Old Port Road, Port Kembla
After making those on location videos I pretty much stopped playing around with the camera for a couple of months as my focus was on film photography along with a myriad of other things but around mid/late November I got back into tinkering with my camera as I dug up a small sync pulse generator circuit Richard Diehl made for me a few years back which will replace the UTEL SPG/test pattern generator unit, plus Richard has also provided me with info and schematics on adding horizontal centering to my camera as well which I will implement. More details on these mods are on the next page.....
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