1982 Sony HVC-4000P trinicon camera

This is a Sony HVC-4000P colour trinicon tube handheld camera from the early 80s. These cameras were connected with portable Betamax VCRs and were used in the I guess in the semi professional field like your high schools and colleges and businesses and possibly low budget broadcasts. As video recorders were more available on the consumer market at that stage maybe these cameras found their way in the domestic environment as well. This camera is one of the next models up from the HVC-3000P and looks pretty much the same but has some different adjustment controls. This camera is operational but it looks like the beam current is way too high as the pictures are white washing so I'll have to sometime open this camera up and make adjustments to the beam current and perhaps the target to get a decent picture. I got this camera along with the good working HVC-3000P for a very cheap price from Ebay! Anyhow here's below is some pictures of this camera, as seen it's near identical to the HVC-3000P but with some different controls.
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