1980/81 Sony HVC-3000P trinicon camera

This is a Sony HVC-3000P colour trinicon tube handheld camera from the early 80s. These cameras were connected with portable Betamax VCRs and were used in the I guess in the semi professional field like your high schools and colleges and businesses and possibly low budget broadcasts. As video recorders were more available on the consumer market at that stage maybe these cameras found their way in the domestic environment as well. This camera as far as I know is not operational when plugged into my Sony HVS-2000P camera selector/effects unit, so there's a fault somewhere in the camera. It is otherwise in excellent cosmetic condition as if it came straight off the production line. Very nice camera.
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Another camera added!!!

In a recent Ebay auction I won myself another HVC-3000P plus a HVC-4000P all for a very cheap price!!! :D I plugged the HVC-3000 into my HVS-2000P camera selector and voila it works!!! :D The HVC-4000P also works but seems to have a beam current issue. This camera makes absolutely brilliant pictures for its design in comparison to other colour vidicon cameras of the day. The colour registration is absolutely as accurate as the colour registration on a CCD camera and the picture definition is nearly as good as that of a CCD!!! I have been using this camera quite a lot lately for my little video projects and have been uploading the videos to YouTube. Anyways here below are a pictures of this camera followed by videos from it which I've uploaded to YouTube.
Sony HVC-3000P hooked up to the HVS-2000P camera selector/effects unit in operation. Camera is pointed to the colour bar pattern on my computer monitor.
Sony HVC-3000P test with cyc light
Psychedelic blue screen chroma key test with a background video feedback effect
Hahahaha for a bit of fun using this camera I decided to do a pisstake on the vocal distortion effect called "Auto Tune" which is nearly always used these days in pop music. In this video I sing as shitty as possible immitating the archetype sissy voice of an auto tuned R&B singer and totally bag out auto tune, and of course run my voice through an auto tune filter in Audacity. And there you have it, a crappy auto tune song hahaha lol.
The above pics and video is a closeup filming of my lava lamp on my HVC-3000P. I had it macro focused for the closeup filming. This lava lamp video is a new effect for my video effects library collection for future video productions, makes great for a psychedelic backdrop!
Here below are some pics and videos of my on location filming using my HVC-3000P. I basically have a 12v battery to 240v mains inverter connected to my car battery and have my setup plugged into it from a power panel. I use either my VHS VCR or my DVD recorder for video recording, I prefer VHS for easy convenience opposed to DVD recorder for various reasons.
12v Battery to 240v AC Mains for mains power to my video gear
My video camera setup in the passenger seat of the car powered by the inverter
My Sony HVC-3000P on remote location at Hill 60, Port Kembla
Ocean view at Hill 60, Port Kembla
Kembla Grange clearing near cemetery
Out in the countryside west of Kembla Grange near Dombarton