1970s Hitachi HV-62K B&W vidicon tube surveillance camera

This is a B&W Hitachi HV-62K 2/3 inch vidicon tube surveillance camera from the 1970s. These cameras would of been very popular in security, malls, factories, and other corporate places that can budget for a surveillance camera like this. This camera is a very neat little unit and mounted on a fixture which can be bolted onto walls, roofs and ceilings. This camera can also be converted to a studio camera too with the use of a zoomer lense and the camera unit being mounted on a tripod, though a custom viewfinder has to be fitted to make it useful for studio work. This camera outputs a picture but its very poor and it looks as the vidicon tube photosensitive plate has been damaged as the image is full of white dots, so a tube replacement is in order along with various adjustments to bring about a good picture, so that's a project to work on. Anyways below are some pictures of this camera.
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