1978/79 Grundig SVR-4004

This is a super long play Grundig SVR-4004 VCR. I acquired this VCR in an Ebay auction back in 2003 with 4 SVR tapes. This is a super long play machine which can record up to 5 hours on a single VCR cassette, in this respect it was ahead of VHS and Betamax which could record 3 hours on a tape. This format was however short lived as Philips came up with a new format called the Video 2000 which superseded the VCR format as the Video 2000 cassettes are double sided and resemble audio cassettes and can record up to 4 hours on each side totalling up to 8 hours of record time. Anyhow this Grundig SVR-4004 is semi-functional, it can play a tape though it seems to play in fastforward, a problem that needs to be rectified but at least the video heads are good. Another project to work on when I got the facilities and technical notes. This VCR must of been directly imported from Germany as the buttons are all labeled in German, I had to get the labels translated and stick some English labels over it. The casing seems to have had something sticky put on top at some point as I see a big sticky stain. Anyways it would be cool to see this VCR up and running when it can happen.
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