1974 colour Sony DXC-1200CE trinicon studio camera

This is a Sony DXC-1200CE colour trinicon tube studio camera from around 1974 which was the same year Australia got colour television. These cameras would of been popular more so in universities and maybe colleges than schools, and would of been used in the business field, and possibly even in lower budget TV broadcasts. I won this awesome looking camera in an Ebay auction for only $5, how about that hey!!! This camera also came with its service manual. I fired the baby up when I brought it home from Sydney and I was getting a video signal out but no picture and when I hit the "Return Video" button the power supply shut down. Anyhow unfortunately it isn't a goer at this stage but having a service manual handy I am planning on restoring it to working order. Below are some pics of this camera and an video demo of this camera from 1973/74 uploaded to YouTube by Richard who owns the Labguys World site http://www.labguysworld.com/ .
Dave McDonald introduces the  DXC-1200 1974
(Vintage Video Home)
Sony DXC-1200P camera test
Loss of picture in the camera, fortunately this was only temporary but since that happened the picture has gone out of focus and the colour is completely gone