1968 Sony DVC-2400 B&W vidicon portable camera

This is a portable Sony DVC-2400 B&W 2/3" vidicon camera made around 1968 going by the date on its service manual. I won this camera along with a Sanyo VTR-1000 VTR and Sony CVM-110VZ monitor in an Ebay auction for $20!:D This camera looks identical to my VCK-2400ACE made the same time, the only difference I can see is this model has a microphone socket at the side. This camera was made to operate with a DV-2400 1/2" portable reel-reel B&W VTR, it was the world's  first portapack video camera/video recorder in one for mobile use running off batteries which the outfit was referred as the DVK-2400, this set the new trend for portapack camera/VTR systems of the 1970s. This camera can probably be hooked up to a CV-2100 VTR as well, though I can't yet confirm this.

I was told by the previous owner this camera was operational when he hooked it up with Sanyo VTR-1000 and fired it up which was great news. So I rigged up this camera in the same way as the VCK-2400ACE by connecting my set of cables to the pins of  the camera's socket and connecting the other end of the cables tothe sync pulse generator and to power and video output to the TV and then powered it up. I got a video output but no picture, just a blank grey screen, so looks the camera has developed a fault since it was last fired up so, another restoration project for me!

Here below are pics of the camera and it's manual and specs and a video of the camera fired up but not working:
Powering up the camera for the first time, unfortunately the camera is not outputting a picture
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