800W cyclorama studio light

This is an 800W cyclorama studio light made for use at concerts and TV studios. These lights give nice even flood lighting of great brightness over a wide area which is ideal for filming or photography where flood lighting is required. As my room has very poor lighting and my old cameras have poor sensitivity in low lighting, I needed a good light source to bring up a good picture from my old cameras. I first bought three 150W incandescent lamps from Woolworths and rigged them up which provided good light but emitted a lot of heat resulting in my face/head getting a bit sunburnt and sore eyes which wasn't good for me. So looking for alternate bright and safer light sources I was told cyclorama lights were a very good choice and so I searched Ebay and found one for $100 so I bidded on it and won.

Testing this cyclorama light out, it is giving an absolute brilliant even flood lighting over a wide area and most of my cameras that require a lot of light work very nicely to this cyclorama light. I have also made a blue fabric canvas for blue screen chroma key work and testing this out with my cyclorama light I get excellent results when using with some of my cameras. So now I have my own little studio production set up now and am making my own little video productions for YouTube using my vintage cameras! :D

Here below are some photos of the cyclorama light and my mini studio setup in my bedroom and some camera tests with my cyclorama light along with some chroma key videos made with the use of the blue fabric backdrop.
(Vintage Video Home)
Cyclorama light set up in my bedroom for video production work
Blue fabric backdrop for chroma key video production work in conjunction with the cyclorama light
JVC GC-3300E picture test with cyclorama studio light
Psychedelic blue screen chroma-key test using various psychedelic visual effects keyed into the blue backdrop filmed on my 1978 JVC GC-3300E camera
Sony HVC-3000P picture test with cyclorama light
Psychedelic blue screen chroma key test with a background video feedback effect filmed on my 1980 Sony HVC-3000P camera