1967 Sony CV-2100CE B&W 1/2" reel-reel CV VTR

This is a Sony CV-2100CE B&W CV format 1/2" reel-reel videotape recorder from 1967. I saw two of these VTRs at Cavions recycle centre in Bulli and took one of them which cosmetically looked decent, should of taken them both but space is an issue. Anyhow it's cosmetically in pretty good condition and the VTR powers up nicely and the mechanics work great. I cannot tell whether it is fully operational or not as I don't have a CV format videotape to play on it, however I did use a blank reel and tried to record video signals on the tape on this machine, however no picture on playback which I guess means it's not fully operational. Further testing is required to ascertain this VTR's operating condition. I also received from one of my contacts spare video heads for this machine, now that's a rare item to come across!!! Anyhow I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for CV tapes to play on this machine.
Below is the spare video head for this machine in great condition and encased in its original foam
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