1970s Concord NEI-17 B&W vidicon camera

This is an ultra rare Concord NEI-17 B&W 1" vidicon tube CCTV television camera made sometime between the late 1960s and early 1970s, and boy it is one cool looking camera!!!:D I won it off Ebay for only $20!!! This camera I guess would of been used at some university or college back in the day for teaching students video/camera work or for recording educational related stuff like drama classes or uni lectures or even special events, just a guess anyhow. This camera is ultra rare because I couldn't find ANY information on it at all on the internet and TV camera historians/engineers in America who have worked with Concord cameras said to me they have never seen anything like it!!! So maybe this camera was made exclusively for the Australian market as Concord apparently had a branch in Sydney, the camera of course was made in Japan.

Now getting to the fun part, I powered this camera up for the first time and to my joy up came a picture, however only half a picture which was a bit disappointing. But thankfully that was only temporary as some minutes later the picture progressively filled the whole screen and is looking great!!!:D I am guessing that maybe some capacitors in the picture's vertical height/offset circuitry needed to reform themselves. Anyhow the camera now displays a full picture that's perfect in sharpness and luminance, only one problem with it is the picture is a bit squashed towards the top meaning that some adjustments are needed to be made to I guess the pin cushion distortion circuitry or something of that nature. When I get a service manual I will fix that little issue. Apart from that I'm getting awesome images!!!:D

Now I need some information on this camera and a service manual so if anyone out there knows about this camera and has a manual for it, please contact me at ac_dc_rocks@hotmail.com .

Here below are pics and videos I've made from this camera:
As seen in the above pics this is a great looking camera and the pictures look stunning!!!:D Here below are a bunch of videos I've made directly from the camera's video output:
Powering up the camera for the first time
Myself in front of the camera
Filming around my bedroom
Filming around the kitchen and backyard. Reason for the dark vignet at the edges is due to using a zoom lens made for the smaller 2/3" vidicon cameras hence overscan of the lens with 1" vidicon
Live demonstration on making a colour video still from my B&W Concord camera
Video demo of me filming the kitchen and the backyard
Filming Hill 60. I use both the standard lens and the zoomer lens. The black line in the middle of the picture is due to running the camera off the power inverter which doesn't seem to output a smooth 50Hz AC mains pulse for the vertical scan to run off
Myself in the garage at my workbench
Filming around the garage
Metal sculpture video art (Part 1)
Metal sculpture video art (Part 2)
Metal sculpture video art (Part 3)
Metal sculpture video art (Part 4)
Playing a game of darts
Kaleidoscope effects made with placing a large fake diamond in front of the lens
Parabolic mirror effects using a car light reflector
Flashing video effects made by adjusting the target and beam current controls back and forth
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