Anatomy of a 2/3" vidicon tube I accidentally broke

During my field testing of my homemade vidicon camera I was swapping tubes and when placing this tube into the yoke, I initially thought the securing springs on the coil assembly that hold the tube in position had to be adjusted so the tube is in very tight so I adjusted the screws so the springs compress up halfway and I placed the tube in and had to push really hard on the lens mount to get it screwed in. So the tube was literally secured in He-Man tight!!! Then during testing I was getting some funky looking patterns on the screen which can be seen on my camera project page about halfway down and then later on I looked at the tube and realized it was broken!!! It must have stress fractured under compression. Anyways that's one good tube officially dead unfortunately, so the good old lesson is with tightening anything "make it pretty tight but not He-Man tight!!!" Anyways I thought I'd take a few pics of the anatomy of this vidicon tube to show its internals, unfortunately the camera didn't take great pics inside the cylinder though. I think this tube might be a 20PE13 which is popular in any 2/3" vidicon camera.
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