1970s Bolex 5122 Super 8 film camera

This is a vintage Bolex 5122 Super 8 film camera from the 1970s. Before portable VHS video cameras and camcorders hit the consumer market in the 80s, Super 8 film cameras were the popular choice of movie camera on the consumer market for making home movies and this camera is a good example. This is quite a nice looking camera with quite a few controls and guages. I haven't yet tested this camera as I don't have any Super 8 film to use in it but I intend to throw some batteries in and power it up to see if it mechanically functions and if it does I will track down some unused film on Ebay and shoot some old style 8mm movies for a bit of fun, will be very interesting to see how todays world would look on a scratchy 70s 8mm colour film! Anyways here below are some pics of this great looking camera.
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