1969 Sony AVC-3400 B&W vidicon portable camera

This is a Sony AVC-3400CE B&W vidicon portable camera from the early 70s. This camera is the portable version of the AVC-3200 series which is operated via a portable AV-3400 EIAJ standard 1/2" reel-reel videotape recorder or an AC powered camera adaptor such as a CMA-1 or CMA-4. These cameras were like the 3200s were used in the semi-professional field and would of been commonly seen in highschools shooting school sporting events and excursions and any outdoor event that required portability. I don't have an AC adaptor or a portable VTR to operate this camera yet so I am unable to test this camera. When I do I will know for sure if it is a goer or a no goer. This camera came with an AC-2400CE power adaptor. I also happen to have the schematic diagram for this camera which would be helpful if I need to repair it. Anyways here's some pictures of this camera.
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I have recently learned of a way to operate this camera (and all other early portapack VTR cameras) and output a video signal without the need of the camera's associated portable VTR through a brilliant genius method by my mate Richard Diehl of Labguy's World. This involves feeding each pin of the camera's 10 pin socket with its required signals and power which includes horizontal and vertical sync drive which is fed from a sync pulse generator, 12VDC power from a 12VDC power source, and outputting an output video lead to connect to a monitor, all this explained in Richard's video called "The Eight Dollar TV Camera" . I have made a page that explains this method in great detail including photos and videos of the gear I used and the adapter lead I made to link the camera chain, it can be viewed here:
Operating a 60s/70s portable camera without it's required portable reel-reel videotape recorder!

As a result I am finally able to test this camera and to my pleasant surprise it works!!!:D The picture needed some electronic focus adjustment and the vidicon tube needed a surface clean with isopropyl alcohol, after doing that I got a very nice crisp picture!!!:D The only main problem with the camera is it needs back focus adjustment as the picture blurs when I zoom right in on subjects at a long distance, there is a ring adjustment which I tried adjusting but no improvement on focus so will have to sometime work out how to back focus this camera, apart from that and a couple of white spots in the picture it works good!:D

I have since made some videos from this camera, one of them can be viewed in my vintage video camera collection in operation video on YouTube from 5:53 to 7:47, the other two can be viewed below:
Sony AVC-3400 filming inside my garage
Sony AVC-3400 on remote location at Ian McLennan Park car park, Kembla Grange