1974 Sony AVC-3250CE vidicon studio camera

This is a Sony AVC-3250CE B&W vidicon studio camera from around 1974. I won this camera in an Ebay auction around I think 2005. This camera is very similar to the AVC-3200CE but with some differences here and there. This camera was also popular in the education and business field for recording school stuff, conferences etc. like the AVC-3200CE and all other semi professional vidicon studio cameras. I've taken very good care of this camera after learning my lesson from the AVC-3200CE camera and adjust it to the correct iris opening accordingly for different lightings so the picture has good depth of contrast and brightness. This camera works very good though for outdoor shootings even on it's lowest iris setting I get clipping on the highlights so I had to adjust the iris so it's towards closed but not quite closed and mark the setting on the lense so I know where to adjust it, and after doing that the picture looks good. Below are some pictures of this great camera and a video demo of this camera in action which I uploaded to YouTube.
Video demo of the AVC-3250CE in action
Below is an experiment I did with this camera like I did with the AVC-3200CE which was making a colour video still from the camera using red, green and blue cellophane filters. Exact same procedure as with the AVC-3200, capture 3 still images using the 3 cellophane filters, capture them on PC, take each video still save it as a greyscale bitmap, then combine the 3 channels in Corel Photopaint and voila a colour picture.
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Dave McDonald introduces the  AVC-3250CE 1974

I recently won another Sony AVC-3250CE on Ebay for just a few dollars, this one came in its original carry case with a couple of spare lenses which I think is pretty neat. I have tested it out, the focus was completely out of alignment and as the adjustments were unlabeled I adjusted every one till I finally found out which did the focusing. In the process I have misaligned the camera a bit and as a result the focus seems to drift out. Once I get a service manual I will be doing a lot of fine tuning to this camera. Anyways great to have another camera like this in my collection.

The Sony AVC-3250CE I won on Ebay last year is unfortunately no longer outputting a picture. I decided to try and locate the fault but no luck, I replaced all the electrolytic caps as I understand they go dry after so many years, still no picture. So now I am borrowing the yoke/tube from the camera for my vidicon camera project.

On the upside some excellent news with my other AVC-3250CE, I have decided to tweak it to get a decent picture outdoors without clipping on the highlights, all it needed was a beam adjustment and that did the trick, the camera now makes BEAUTIFUL B&W pictures that is comparable to the broadcast grade vidicon cameras used in lower budget television stations!!! It has now become my camera of choice for filming in B&W.

Here below are several YouTube videos I have made from this camera, more will be progressively added over time.
Sony AVC-3250CE camera test
Sony AVC-3250CE video demo (part 1)
Sony AVC-3250CE video demo (part 2)
Sony AVC-3250CE video demo (part 3)
Remote filming out back of Kembla Grange
Remote filming of Port Kembla Steelworks
Remote filming of the ocean view from Hill 60, Port Kembla
Remote filming of the view of Stanwell Park from Bald Hill (with sound)
Remote filming of Coal Cliff (with sound)
Nyan Cat animated GIF filmed on Sony AVC-3250CE
This is a short film I made for fun entitled "Nyan Cat time travels & hijacks 1970s TV sportscast in Australia". The story goes like this, sometime back in the early 70s in some surburban town in Australia some ocker is watching footy on his TV when Nyan Cat hijacks the sportscast and the ocker gets surprised and pissed off and yells out with Aussie lingo. I basically edited together Nyan Cat with a 1970s B&W footy TV broadcast and blended it with TV static and compiled it to disc and played it on my 1969 PYE 12F-1 B&W TV and filmed it on my Sony AVC-3250CE B&W camera to make it look totally early 70s B&W comedy skit for a TV show. I did the voice acting of the ocker in this short film.