1971 Sony AV-3620CE 1/2" B&W EAIJ reel-reel VTR

This is a Sony AVC-3620CE EIAJ standard 1/2" B&W reel-reel VTR from the early 70s. I got this machine along with a bunch of church videotapings on reel-reel from my technical friend Brian back in 2006. This machine is in excellent condition and was working great when I used it a few years ago. Now it seems to be not winding the tapes for some reason, a problem that needs to be fixed somehow. This machine like the National VTR were popular in the educational department during the 70s in schools and colleges. Once I get this deck up and running it will be my workhorse machine for my 1/2" EIAJ standard reel-reel collection.
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