Troy's Vintage Video Collection
This site is totally dedicated to my interest in collecting vintage video equipment of the pre-VHS days and vintage TVs and video cameras and my home projects.

The list of 1970's videotape formats
My vintage video collection

Video Recorders

1967 B&W Sony CV-2100CE 1/2" reel-reel CV VTR
1970 B&W National NV-3020E 1/2" reel-reel EIAJ VTR
1971 B&W Sony AV-3620CE 1/2" reel-reel EIAJ VTR
1960s 1" Philips video reel
1966 B&W Sanyo VTR-1000 1/2" reel-reel VTR (NEW!!!)

Philips VCR
The 1970s Philips VCR Format
1973/74 Philips N1500 VCR
1976 Philips N1502 VCR (NEW!!!)
1976 Philips N1512 VCR
1978 Philips N1700 VCRs (Updated 4/11/11) Another N1700 added!!!
1978/79 PYE VCR1780 VCR
1978/79 Grundig SVR-4004 VCR

Late 1970s Sony VO-2630 U-Matic VCR
1980s Sony VO-5800 U-Matic VCR
1980s Sony VO-5850 U-Matic VCR
1980s Sony VO-5850s U-Matic VCRs with low/hi band switch

1982 Sanyo VTC-M10 Betacord
1982 Sony SL-C6AS Betamax
1983 Sony SL-C40ES stereo Betamax
1984 Sony SL-F30 Betamax

National NV-5120 colour cartridge video cassettes
1990s Pioneer LD-V43000 Laser Disc Player
1980s Pioneer LD-V1000 Laser Disc Player

Video Cameras

B&W/Colour Vidicon & Colour Trinicon Tube
1970 Sony AVC-3200CE B&W vidicon studio camera
1974 Sony AVC-3250CE B&W vidicon studio camera (Updated 4/11/11) More videos added!!!
1974 Sony DXC-1200CE colour trinicon studio camera
1970s Sony HVM-100CE B&W vidicon camera
1970s ASACA ASA-500 E B&W vidicon camera
1980/81 Sony HVC-3000P colour trinicon camera (Updated 4/11/11) Another camera added plus videos!!!
1965 Shibaden HV-13 B&W vidicon camera (Updated 30/5/12) Another video added!!!
1969 Sony AVC-3400 B&W portable vidicon camera (Updated 30/5/12) Camera working!!!
1980 JVC GX-33E colour vidicon camera
1980 National WV-3030N colour vidicon camera
1981 National WV-3200N colour vidicon camera
1978 JVC GC-3300E colour vidicon camera (Updated 4/11/11) More videos added!!!
1970s Hitachi HV-62K B&W vidicon surveillance camera
1979 Hanimex VC600-P colour vidicon camera (Updated 4/11/11) Another video added!!!
1976 National WV-3300N colour vidicon camera
1974 National WV-355 B&W vidicon camera
1970s Javelin EZ-1740 B&W vidicon surveillance camera
1979/80 National WV-3000N colour vidicon camera (Updated 25/5/12) Another camera added!!!
1967 Sony VCK-2400ACE B&W portable vidicon camera (Updated 31/5/12) Camera working with lots of videos added!!!
1982 Sony HVC-4000P colour trinicon camera (NEW!!!)
1968 Sony DVC-2400 B&W portable vidicon camera (NEW!!!)
1970s Concord NEI-17 B&W vidicon camera (NEW!!!)

Saticon/Newvicon Tube Colour
1983/84 NEC BM-11EG Betamovie saticon camcorder
1983 Hitachi VK-C850 saticon video camera
1980s JVC GX-88E saticon video camera
1980s JVC GX-N7E saticon video camera
1980s Sharp XC-51 saticon video camera (just got another camera, will add soon)
1983 Sharp XC-54 newvicon video camera (Updated 4/11/11) Another video added!!!
1982 National WVP-50N saticon video camera (just got another camera, will add soon)
1984 National WVP-100N saticon video camera
1980s National NV-M3 VHS Movie newvicon camcorders
1983 Sony BMC-100P Betamovie saticon camera
1980s JVC GZ-S5 newvicon video camera (coming soon!!!)

CCD Colour
1985 JVC GR-45E CCD VHS-C camcorder
1991 Panasonic NV-MS1 SVHS CCD camcorder
1994 Sony CCD-TR350E CCD Video 8 Handicam camcorder
1990s Sony CCD security camera (coming soon)
1990s Panasonic NV-RX3A VHS-C CCD camcorder (coming soon)

Broadcast Image Orthicon/Plumbicon Tube Cameras
1955/56 Marconi MKIII B&W image orthicon camera (Update 27/1/12) PSU restoration started!!!
(Page 1) (Page 2) (Page 3) (Page 4) (NEW!!!)
1977/78 RCA TK-760 3 plumbicon tube camera (Update 6/7/11) More videos added!!!

Camera Tubes
Vidicon camera tubes
1950s B&W Image Orthicon TV camera tubes (Updated 31/10/11) 3" Westinghouse 5850 IO tube added!!!!!
Early 1940s RCA 1846 Iconoscope TV camera tube (NEW!!!)

Film Cameras
1975 Ricoh 420 Z Super 8 film camera
1975 Kelvin Compact 1000 Super 8 film projector
1970s Bolex 5122 Super 8 film camera

Portable VTRs & Control Units & Other
1970s Sony HVS-2000P camera selector & effects unit
1980s National WV-J10N home production console
1980s National WV-PS01N/A camera adaptor
1980s Archer special effects switcher
1983 Sharp VC-3300X portable VHS VCR
1982 National NV-100 portable VHS VCR
1984 National NV-180 portable VHS VCR
1979 National NV-8400 portable VHS VCR (coming soon)
UTEL 2004 Sync Pulse Generator & Colour Bar Generator (Updated 31/5/12) new pics added!!!
ITC MEA-5100 Special Effects Amplifier (NEW!!!)

Camera Accessories & Studio Gear
Camera tripods
800W cyclorama studio light (NEW!!!)

Television Sets
1959 His Masters Voice (HMV) F5-A6 B&W TV (Updated 25/1/12) More pics & videos
1963 Sharp TRP-601 portable B&W TV (Updated 25/1/12) Videos added
1969 PYE 12F-1 B&W TV
1974/75 Philips K9 Model 02 KD 654 colour TV
1970s Toshiba C-1821 colour TV (Updated 25/1/12) Videos added
1947/48 Andrea T-VJ12 US B&W TV (Page 1) (Page 2) (Updated 25/5/12) Lot more restoration!!!
John's rare vintage TV sets
1958 Marconi BD851 14" B&W broadcast monitor (NEW!!!)
1973 Sony CVM-110VZ B&W monitor (NEW!!!)

Troy's Video Projects & Experiments
Making a colour video still from a B&W vidicon tube video camera
My B&W vidicon tube video camera project
(Page 1) (Page 2) (Updated 14/6/15)
Anatomy of a 2/3" vidicon tube I accidentally broke
Idea: converting a B&W tube camera to colour using a colour CCD for chroma pickup
My solid state 3" image orthicon tube B&W video camera project
20cm cardboard 32 line NBTV Nipkow disc mechanical televisor (NEW!!!)
40cm plywood 32 line NBTV Nipkow disc mechanical televisor (NEW!!!)
Making a colour video from a vintage B&W vidicon tube camera (coming soon!!!)
Video to oscilloscope project (coming soon!!!)
Operating a 60s/70s portable camera without it's required portable reel-reel videotape recorder!
Tin can TeKaDe aperture drum mechanical televisor (coming soon!!!)
30/32/60 line horizontal/vertical multistandard mechanical televisor (coming soon!!!)
Frame sequential RGB colour video (coming soon!!!)
Field sequential two colour camera/television system (coming soon!!!)
32 line NBTV mechanical TV camera/monitor (coming soon!!!)
Displaying digital TV & any video on a Sony AVC-3200CE camera's viewfinder (coming soon!!!)
My solid state Iconoscope tube B&W video camera project
(Page 1) (Page 2) (Page 3) (Page 4) (Page 5) (Page 6) (Page 7) (Page 8) (Page 9) (Updated 22/12/15) Many updates!!!

Vintage Video Documentation & Misc
Vintage Video recorder newspaper/magazine ads and articles
Vintage video recorder brochures/catalogues
List of broadcast cameras used by Australian TV Networks (Updated 6/2/12) LOADS more cameras listed!!!
Working solid state Iconoscope tube B&W TV camera in Japan (NEW!!!)

Updates (Updated 14/6/15)

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